What You Can Do for World Health Day

04/08/2019 10:05 AM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)
What You Can Do for World Health Day

Each year, the World Health Organization (WHO) uses World Health Day to start the conversation on the global burden of disease and illness. While we can’t fix these global problems overnight, there are always things we can do to change our own lifestyle for the healthier! Here are a few ideas on how you can be a part of the solution this World Health Day (April 7).

Aim for 30-60 minutes of Activity.

Think of it this way – a 60-minute workout is only 4% of your day, and that’s nothing! Can’t swing a full 60? Then squeeze in a quick 30-minute walk, jog, or workout class for an easy alternative. These active minutes help improve your cardiovascular health, keeps your weight in check, and can also boost your mood and your energy for the rest of the day!

Try Out Healthier Foods

The key to eating healthier isn’t to measure your food and count every calorie. It’s as simple as avoiding processed foods, cutting back on excess sugar and sodium, and opting for whole and nutrient dense foods! For World Health Day, simply be mindful of what you are putting into your body and opt for lean proteins, leafy greens, whole grains, and vegetables. There’s plenty to choose from, but I have a great collection if you need inspiration!

Practice Gratitude

There are always negatives throughout our day, but studies have shown that letting them get in the way of the positive moments can have a negative effect on our mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing! On World Health Day, try taking a moment to list and meditate on the things in your life you can be thankful for. You might just find yourself smiling a bit more and stressing a bit less!

Start Your Day with Supplements that fit your health needs! Isotonix® is my supplement of choice ... powder formula that you mix with water ... no upset stomach and 95% absorption!

Nothing is more important than staying on top of your daily health, but who wants to start each morning with a handful of pills?  Now, you know you’ve started the day by providing your body the nutrients it needs by an Isotonic Formula designed for you based on your specific needs.  www.jorjijett.com

Replace Dessert with a healthy protein shake, or smoothie

Don’t worry – that food will all be there waiting for you tomorrow. For today, try finding a shake recipe that sounds delicious and you might just fall in love with this healthier option! (Pro Tip: Protein Ice Cream is a real thing that we absolutely suggest trying!) I have many great ideas ... just ask me!  

Have a great month!!!  Jorji Jett, Health Coach, 503-899-8017

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