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  • 11/06/2017 11:35 AM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)


    This time of the year where Daylight Saving Time means you can start getting excited about an extra hour of sleep, but it comes with a drawback: your exposure of sunlight decreases. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, necessary nutrient that our skin synthesizes when exposed to the sun. With the sun is the major natural provider, a decrease of sunshine due to shorter days and cooler weather means that winter can be a serious problem for people with vitamin D deficiency.

    Depending on your location sunlight may be an issue. Through sunlight exposure, the body is designed to change vitamin D into a substance called 25-hydroxyvitamin D.  Your body must have vitamin D to absorb calcium, promote bone growth and regulate other body functions. But, winter months can be harsh enough to keep people indoors, limiting your body’s ability to produce the calcium you need for optimal health.

    Due to the winter season, the body’s ability to produce the ideal vitamin D levels may already be subdued.  This is a concern because you become at risk for a weakened immune system, rickets, or the development of bone abnormalities such as soft bones and fragile bones if your body doesn’t get adequate vitamin D.

    There are two alternate methods of fulfilling your body’s vitamin D needs other than sunlight. These include food and supplementation. Foods that are naturally rich in vitamin D are fatty fish, eggs yolks, liver, and cheese. They are perfect to add to your diet during the colder, cloudier months of the year.

    If you follow a plant-based diet or simply aren’t getting enough vitamin D from your dietary intake, you may need to look to supplementation. Remember, not all supplements are created equal and absorption is very important! I can give you some thoughts on that if you are interested.

    Vitamins D2 and D3 two great forms of vitamin D to look out for, although D3 is more commonly recommended because it is the naturally occurring form of vitamin D found in the body.  While time-of-day doesn’t seem to have much impact on the absorption of this supplement, it is fat-soluble which means your body will make better use of it if taken with a meal.

    As Daylight Saving Time is here, don’t forget to be sure you’re getting the vitamin D you need for optimal health this holiday season!

    What I love doing is meeting with individuals and discussing their goals and developing a plan to help them in their journey to optimal health and weight management!  Call me for a cup of coffee!  

    Jorji Jett

    Certified Health and Wellness Educator


  • 11/05/2017 7:16 PM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)

    Lisa Kosmicki is heading up sales to WOW members for Holiday Wreaths ($25), Candy Cane Wreaths ($38) and Swags ($36.50) for the benefit of Whispering Winds Youth Ranch!  Find the order form document below.  

    Please contact Lisa Kosmicki for more information at 503 550 4326 or 

    Candy Cane Wreaths and Swags need to be ordered by Nov. 12 to be delivered Thanksgiving.  Wreaths can be delivered up to Christmas week.  Please contact Lisa with any questions you may have, and as she can deliver to WOW members locally.   



  • 11/05/2017 4:01 PM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)

    Meri Kerekanich--WOW President

    I am continually blessed with all the WOW members and their comments after events.  Most importantly, I sincerely can’t wait for my monthly “fix” of WOW women; seeing their beautiful faces and just spending time learning more about them personally and professionally.  WOW has become more than I ever imagined in the 10 years since its inception and has truly brought awareness of the incredible businesses that make up our valley as well as enriching all who participate!  The event at 503 Uncorked, Sherwood Center of the Arts and the sneak preview of Shannon Johnson’s new restaurant Smockville drew 50 members and I have to say the evening was pure delight!  I received so many incredible e-mails of thankfulness for being a member and attending the joy filled event as well as details of new connections made and rippling business effects from conversations!  We had three new members join after attending and brand new members that commented that they should have joined ages ago.  All of this melts my heart because I see WOW working in its purest sense; it is allowing a forum where women can come and learn about their community, know they will have an incredible time but also form new personal and professional relationships!  Oh boy the WOW Christmas Surprise Extravaganza is around the corner and although I wish we could have more than 60, we are limited to that number, so if you wish to attend, please know that it is by credit card only and on a first come basis.  We sold out in less than 10 hours last year, so keep a watchful eye!  No one knows when the invitation is coming out but it will be shortly after our foray to the dark side and our casual get together at Lumpy’s Tavern on 11/15.

  • 10/30/2017 2:28 PM | Jeanne Biggerstaff (Administrator)

    McMinnville Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Presents

    S.O.S. ~ Success Over Stress

    Tuesday, November 14 | 5:15 pm – 6:30 pm at Elizabeth Chambers Cellars

    Elizabeth Chambers Cellars is pleased to host fabulous business women from the McmInnville area who are gathering to network and participate in a presentation by internationally certified Energist and Biofield Health Teacher,  Karen Aquinas.  Karen will invite you to let go and have fun while you consider new ways to be aware of your energy/emotions. She’s put together five proven strategies you can use in-the-moment to feel better and move into a solution-based, energized state of action.  Join us for a fun, empowering evening!

    Click here to register  – S.O.S. ~ Success Over Stress

    Chamber of Commerce members, $15; nonmembers, $20

    Registration link:

  • 10/17/2017 5:16 PM | Om Thippayaphorn Sukheenai

    Medicare, Individual and Family plan*, and Employer plans. 

    Stay local and a let a fellow WOW member help you! 

    Schedule a No Cost appointment. 

    Call Om Sukheenai at 503-538-6022 or visit

    Medicare annual enrollment: Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, 2017

    Individual/family open enrollment: Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2017

    Don't delay and be penalized. Take Action now!

    * You & your family may qualify for subsidy.

  • 07/30/2017 1:55 PM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)

    The Benefits of Fitness!

    There are many benefits to having a regular fitness routine. The USDA has made key recommendations on physical activity. They suggest:

    • To reduce the risk of chronic disease in adulthood: Engaging in at least 30 min of moderate-intensity physical activity, above usual activity, at work or home on most days of the week.
    • To help manage body weight and prevent gradual, unhealthy body weight gain in adulthood: Engaging in approximately 60 minutes of moderate-to vigorous-intensity activity on most days of the week while not exceeding caloric intake requirements
    • To sustain weight loss in adulthood: Participate in at least 60 to 90 minutes of daily moderate-intensity physical activity while not exceeding caloric intake requirements.

    Participating in normal physical activity will also boost confidence, increase energy, assist in weight loss, and much more. Working out can increase muscle mass which in turn supports bones from fractures and breaks. Exercise also promotes mental health. During exercise, endorphins are released which cause feelings of bliss.

    Find a Way
    It is easy to find an excuse not to work out, so it is important to have a routine and stick to it! There are small things that can be done that increase calories burned throughout the day. Examples of these include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking farther away from the door at work or when running errands. Stretching in the morning and/or in the evening is also a good habit to get into. Stretching improves flexibility and decrease chances of injury. If finding time to get to the gym is difficult, try using every day objects found at home such as water bottles and stairs which can replace dumbbells and machines.

    Nutrition and Physical Activity
    Obesity trends in the United States are continuing to rise. Three years ago there was hope for overall percentages to drop by year 2010, yet current percentages have risen uncontrollably! Being physically active is the way to counteract obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Statistics show that the more fruits and vegetables a person consumes, the more physically active they are. Obtaining a healthy weight is about more than just short-term dietary changes. A lifestyle change is necessary that includes regular exercise and healthy eating.

    Exercise and Weight Control
    Exercise plays an important role in weight control. The better one understands this relationship, the easier it is to accept and take advantage it. Many health problems are associated with excess body fat. Some of these include coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and certain forms of cancer. Some evidence now exists showing that health and longevity are both affected negatively by obesity.

    Some dietary supplements can be used in conjunction with a fitness routine to help the body adapt and function its best.

    B-Vitamins: This group of water soluble vitamins includes thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folate (B9) and cobalamin (B12). When these are all used together, it is referred to as a B-complex. B vitamins are important in cellular metabolism and are cofactors in many reactions. Some of the functions they are necessary for include energy, amino acid and protein metabolism, synthesis of red blood cells and neurotransmitters, and DNA and RNA synthesis.

    Amino Acid: In human nutrition, certain amino acids are essential and must be consumed within the diet. The body has many uses for amino acids. One important purpose of amino acids is to serve as building blocks for proteins. This process involves long, linear chains of amino acids which bind together to form convoluted protein molecules. Arginine is a specific amino acid commonly used in supplements. It is necessary for the formation of creatine, is a precursor for nitric oxide, can reduce healing time of injuries and quickens repair time of damaged tissue.

    Protein: A protein is composed of long chains of amino acids bound together by peptide bonds, forming a complex molecule. Proteins function in many ways in the body. Proteins act as signal messengers and receptors, enzymes are composed of proteins, and they form structural components. When proteins are consumed, they are broken down by digestion to serve numerous functions.

    Creatine: Athletes involved in high-intensity workouts use a lot of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The human body uses ATP to produce energy by breaking the bond between phosphate groups forming adenosine diphosphate (ADP). A phosphate group must be donated to ADP to regenerate ATP – creatine phosphate does this. Of the creatine naturally found in the body, about 95% is located in the muscle.

    Electrolytes: An electrolyte is a substance that contains free ions. Some of the common electrolytes are sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl-), magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+). Electrolytes affect the muscle actions, hydration levels and blood acidity among other functions in the body. The body loses electrolytes through sweating, so during exercise it is important to replace them by drinking fluids.

    Always check with your health care professional before making diet and lifestyle changes.

    Jorji Jett

    Certified Health and Wellness Educator


    Representing Isotonix® dietary supplements, that are delivered in an isotonic solution and are scientifically advanced formulas designed to give your body the maximum benefit from vitamins and minerals.  Isotonix offers a complete array of products designed to fit your needs which are absorbed up to 90-95% within 10-15 minutes. It is a powder and is mixed with water, so the stomach is much less likely to become upset.

  • 06/09/2017 11:34 AM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)

    Put it in Writing!  Why You Need To Contract

    Why do you need to sign a contract? But we’ve been friends for many years….or we are family!  Can’t we just do this on a handshake or by email? 

    As women business owners here in Willamette Valley, we are often friends with those who we do business with.  Or, many family owned businesses enjoy great success in the Valley, with families working together on a daily basis.  You could do without a contract, but in doing so, both parties leave themselves open to later disagreement or potential hassles that a signed contract would avoid altogether. Consider these points:

    1. A Contract Describes All Responsibilities: Rather than guessing or assuming what each party’s responsibilities are based on history, custom or your own thoughts, you’re better to have everything in writing. This will help avoid later confusion or disagreement and clearly sets the precise expectations from the very start.  I have always insisted on contracts with very good friends if we are going to do business together – it prevents later hurt feelings and ensures open and thorough communication from the start to confirm consistent goals and expectations.  And an email chain confirming an agreement – while better than nothing - can nonetheless be tough to parse through at a later date, leading to the question of whether the parties truly agreed on a final and clear agreement.
    2. A Contract Establishes Timeframes.  If you need work performed within a certain time frame, a contract binds the parties to that time frame.
    3. A Contract Aids In Collecting Payment. A binding contract provides a legal document establishing an agreement to be paid for services rendered, and the terms for that payment.
    4. A Contract Provide Guidance If The Parties Later Disagree.   If the relationship between the contracted parties deteriorates, a contract outlines the previously agreed upon steps required for dissolving the relationship or if litigation ensues, provides the court with the contractual requirements to enforce the duties.     
    5. A Contract Can Help Cover Legal Costs If The Parties Litigate.  In many states, a successful party in a lawsuit may still not be awarded her legal fees and court costs unless the parties signed a contract providing for those fees to be paid by the losing party.  Depending on the dollar value at issue in the dispute, that can mean that it’s not economically justifiable to sue to pursue your rights because your legal fees may equal or exceed the value of the dispute itself.

    Ok; so can you just pull up a contract example online and fill it out?  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a client come to me after a relationship has gone sour – only to give me the contract they wrote or copied from the result of a Google search thinking that would save the day.  Most of the time, there are one or more provisions in that contract that have the opposite meaning than what my client intended  – or even worse – obligated them to liabilities they didn’t realize it did!  Consulting an attorney can help you determine whether you need to have a contract written, and can ensure it’s done right and in your favor.

    Tonna Farrar is an attorney in Newberg.  She has wide experience in her twenty years of law practice, and most recently, after a decade of litigating multi-million dollar class actions for a national firm, she is happily returning to her roots of providing highly skilled small business and personal legal representation.  She can be reached at 913-530-6900 and offers a free 30 minute consultation to WOWmembers.

    Tonna K. Farrar, Esq.

    Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint, PC

    Located in Oregon


    Main Firm Address:

    2325 E. Camelback Road

    Ste. 300

    Phoenix, AZ 85016

  • 04/10/2017 12:04 AM | Leslie Atiyeh

    Support greater understanding of Chinese culture - attend the Northwest China Council's 27th Auction Gala June 8 at Pure Space in NW Portland. WOW member Leslie Atiyeh is excited to announce tickets are available at 
    event website link: 

    We also welcome your donations for auction items or samples to add to our swag bags. donate link: 

    We are looking forward to seeing WOW members on this exotic journey!

  • 04/09/2017 1:53 PM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)
    We have Website Banner opportunities; for only $35 you can have your banner on the WOW website for several months.  Please go to the WOW website and see the rotating banner and if you wish to be included, The fee includes banner design, you just need to provide images and any text you'd like to include.
  • 04/09/2017 1:48 PM | Julie Johnson (Administrator)

    Are you a WOW member under age 30?
    Do you know a young woman who might be interested in WOW membership?

    YWOW (Young WOW) is now forming a group to support young women with shared social, educational, leadership and professional interests!  Join, learn, get involved!

    Contact Betsy Fettig at 
    503-849-2751 or

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