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Who's Who in AUGUST? Diane Edwards from Edwards & Associates Financial Services

08/03/2015 2:38 PM | Anonymous

Diane Edwards has been in the financial/insurance industry since 1989, either in corporate management positions or working directly with clients on a one-on-one basis.  She currently holds seven securities licenses and is both Life and Health licensed. In her various roles she has had the privilege of assisting other Wealth Advisors build strong successful teams, as well as creating and developing extensive training programs that were incorporated nationwide within the global financial firm in which she worked. Diane and her family are Virginia born-and-raised and they moved to the lovely Pacific NW in 1995.  They have not looked back once!

In addition, Diane and her entire immediate family is in the world of finance- either as Wealth Advisors, Compliance Officer or as an Office Administrator/Assistant- a true family passion and profession they are proud of.

Why did you select the business you are in? 

I feel that everyone needs a sound financial plan and being a “teacher at heart” I was able to blend both my passions together effortlessly. I believe the old adage “People don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan” and I take my role seriously in helping our clients to plan for their best retirement years.

What do you like most about what you do?

Working together closely with our clients in “vision casting” as we identify their future dreams, build a personalized road map for the long journey, and hopefully help them to complete several of their “bucket list” items while they are young enough to enjoy them.

Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

I was introduced to WOW by a current member and after attending an event and seeing the camaraderie of the women, I was excited to join and establish new friendships.  Newberg is a lovely community that is truly “others-centered” and I found this group sincere- and just plain fun! My prior work schedule was very hectic, which did not afford me time to establish deep friendships, but WOW has given me a new start and new friends.

Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 

As a firm, my partner and I work with both local business owners as well as individuals; but I personally enjoy partnering with professional women to educate and address financial matters. Clients with investible assets of $100k+ find our services most advantageous, as we are better positioned to implement most of the life planning/goals processes.

What do you like to do for fun? 

I am a verocious reader and love working in my yard.  But at the top of the list is spending time with my married daughters and our precious grandson.

What are five things you cannot live without? 

Other than my family and church family it would be my books, my music and my blow dryer!

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

It would be a toss-up between France and Italy.  I hope to go again soon!

CONTACT INFO: Diane Edwards, Wealth Manager

Phone: 503-537-2995, ext. 2 

Toll Free: 866-699-9843

Email: diane@eafsi.com

Website: www.eafsi.com

Location: 3306 Solstice Ln. Newberg, OR 97132


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