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Who's Who in APRIL? Michelle Myhrvold Roy with GUILD MORTGAGE COMPANY

04/04/2016 2:24 AM | Anonymous

Michelle Myhrvold Roy has spent 31 years in Mortgage Banking, working as a receptionist all the way up to Regional Director, VP of Wholesale Lending. She is currently working her dream retirement job as a local Loan Officer with no corporate or company responsibilities! Michelle has been married for almost 27 years, has 27 and 25 year old boys, and has lived in the Willamette Valley for 26 years. 

Why did you select the business you are in? I love numbers and people.

What do you like most about what you do? Helping people determine what they want to spend when buying a home or investment property. I enjoy walking with them through the entire process.

Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? I joined to meet other business women and learn from them.

Who could be an ideal potential client for you? Anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home, either now or in the future.  I love helping someone come up with a plan!

What do you like to do for fun? Bike, Hike, Read, Fish

What are five things you cannot live without? I can live without things, but not people …  Water, sunshine, green – very green surroundings, beach, toothbrush

Where is your favorite place to vacation? So far Australia, but any camping next to a lake or river is right up there.

CONTACT INFO: Michelle Myhrvold Roy, Loan Officer 

Location: Guild Mortgage Company- 2504 Portland Rd. Newberg, OR 97132

Mobile: 503-970-4700

Fax: 503-802-7785

Email: mmyhrvold@guildmortgage.net

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