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Who's Who in NOVEMBER? Magdalena Pauna with MAGDALENA PAUNA DESIGN, LLC

11/06/2017 7:22 AM | Anonymous

Magdalena was born and raised in Venezuela and came to the US when her family moved to New York. She studied art and interior design and worked in graphic design, advertising and marketing. She is married and has four dogs.

Why did you select the business you are in? I enjoy the creative process and the opportunity to build a unique product that people can enjoy.

What do you like most about what you do? The opportunity to create something unique that brings joy and happiness to my customers.

Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? I wanted to meet other women business owners in the area. The most rewarding aspect for me has been seeing the diversity of businesses out there and meeting new members and hearing their personal stories, which are always inspirational. 

Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 
Someone who enjoys expressing their individual and unique style.

What do you like to do for fun? Go for long hikes with my dogs.

What are five things you cannot live without? My four dogs and a morning cup of tea.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? I like big skies and wide open spaces in Montana, Idaho or Eastern Oregon.


Magdalena Pauna Design, LLC- Owner, Designer

Location: 5985 SW Cougar Mountain Road

McMinnville, Oregon 97128

Website: www.magdalenapauna.com

Email: Magdalena@magdalenapauna.com

Phone: 971-409-8410

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