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Who's Who in DECEMBER? Jennifer Armenta with INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING

12/04/2017 4:18 PM | Anonymous

Jennifer Armenta has owned her own business for over 20 years. She started off as a Professional Organizer for artists and entrepreneurs and then moved into Life Coaching. After that she primarily did Business Consulting helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with hiring employees, marketing, business coaching and project management. Her career took another turn, which led her to what she loved- writing and editing. 

After taking some time off, she has come back to coaching, but now she is bringing a more spiritual approach to her practice. She focuses on helping people bring who they truly are into the world, living genuine and authentic lives. Jennifer lives on 5 acres in McMinnville with her husband Jason, daughter, Iris (16) and daughter, Alex (13). They have two dogs, 11 chickens, 3 goats and 2 sheep.

Why did you select the business you are in? Coaching allows me to be my most authentic self. I love talking one-on-one with someone, going deep and helping them through a transition or with a difficult situation. I get to work with a variety of people and I never get tired of it!

What do you like most about what you do? I love helping people be who they truly are. Most people actually do know what they want to do, but something holds them back. I love going deep with someone, getting to know who they truly are inside and helping them show that to the world. When someone is shining for the world to see, it is amazing!

Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? I joined WOW to meet other women in business. I love meeting such a wonderful variety of women doing all sorts of amazing projects and businesses. I am hoping to expand my business and also create a network of women that I can refer others to. And I hope to make some new friends. :)

Who could be an ideal potential client for you? I love working with people who are in a transition, bored with life, looking for a career change, or who don't know what they want to do with their lives. I’m looking for anyone who is ready to talk about where they are at and why they are not happy, or someone who has a dream and just needs a little motivation to get it going.

What do you like to do for fun? Spend evenings with my husband, time with my children, coffee or wine out with friends, a night out in Portland for dinner and dancing, gardening, listening to music, and doing oracle cards.

What are five things you cannot live without? Of course, I can’t live without my family, friends, and animals. But for the simpler things.... chocolate, hot showers, wine, music, and deep conversations.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Actually, it is Oregon. Before we moved here, we took 4 vacations here. Finally, I said to my husband, "Why don't we move to where we vacation." So we did and have not looked back. We love it!


Jennifer Armenta, Intuitive Life Coaching

Email: jen_armenta@yahoo.com

Phone: 971-241-9754

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