• 01/29/2016 11:14 PM | Anonymous

    Jill grew up in Southern Oregon and where her parents still reside. She moved to the Portland area in 1986 and graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor degree in Psychology.  She had always had a love of psychology and the law and became a legal assistant in 1988.  She started out in a practice that focused on criminal defense, which was interesting, but she ended up in a practice that was mainly civil litigation. She worked for the same attorneys for 15 years until her son was born at which time she became a stay-at-home mom and focused on her family.  

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    Three years ago I decided I wanted to go back to work, but didn't want to give up the stay-at-home lifestyle.  So I started my own legal transcript business, AJA Transcription, doing exclusively court related transcripts. 

    What do you like most about what you do?

    I get the best of both worlds in that I work from home and can be there for my family. I can set my own hours and make my own money!  My husband and I moved to Newberg two years ago, with our son and our dog, and they LOVE it here in the valley! 

    What do you like to do for fun?

    We enjoy hiking, golfing, riding bikes, and we enjoy spending time as a family.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

    I joined WOW at the recommendation of a member and have had a blast ever since.  I joined for the social aspect as well as to meet other professional women in the community. The most rewarding aspect has been getting involved and getting to know so many lovely ladies who have also become friends that I really enjoy spending time with!  

    What are five things you cannot live without?

    Hmm, five things I cannot live without are my family, our friends, laughter, the ocean- our favorite place to vacation, and the last one is a toss up between wine and Nordstrom.


    Jill Anderson, Owner- AJA Transcription
    Location: 26200 NE Mountain Top Road
    Phone: 503-312-3344
    Email: jill.anderson977@gmail.com

  • 01/08/2016 2:50 PM | Anonymous

    Sheila Nicholas is originally from Scotland and London where she had careers in journalism and PR. Stateside, she and her husband, Nick, owned and operated several restaurants in the Napa Valley before moving to Oregon to plant their vineyard at the turn of the century. Sheila and Nick have been married for 35 years and have two terrific children, Mark and Heather. Both have wines named after them!

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    In a previous era, I was fortunate to travel and spend time with some of the greatest winemakers in the world- not too much time, but just enough to show me the global magic and mysteries of wine! I knew this profession wasn’t as easy and glamorous as people assume, but it’s one that rewards dedication in ways beyond a paycheck. 

    What do you like most about what you do?

    We are fortunate to find a business that Nick & I both enjoy on many levels. We have a great staff and we’re so fortunate to have met the most wonderful people who are drawn to wine. I am always thrilled and humbled when someone tells me they found my wine in New York or South Carolina or Florida! It's an amazing journey to plant a stick in the ground and nurture its fruit to produce a miracle product that finds its way across the country.  

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

    Initially Meri was the reason I joined. I knew I wanted to belong to any organization led by a woman with such charisma and charm! Over the years, I've grown close to many WOWs and really enjoy the networking and educational aspects, as well as the friendships- oh, and the incredible Holiday Party! 

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you?

    Anyone over 21

    What do you like to do for fun?

    Walking the vineyard on a summer's evening… sitting on the deck and watching the grapes grow- of course with a glass of wine in hand. I also cook, garden, and start projects that never get finished.

    What are five things you cannot live without?

    Other than several very important people, I'd say my vines (I get jittery in places like Vegas), the Aga (cast iron oven), cheese, feather mattress, and my cell phone.

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?

    Next to an ocean. 

    Sheila Nicholas, Owner- Anam Cara Cellars
    Tasting Room: 306 N Main Street - Newberg, Oregon 97132
    Phone: (503) 537-9150

    22222 SW Nicholas View Drive - Sherwood, Oregon 97140

    Website: http://www.anamcaracellars.com

    Email: winequeen@msn.com

  • 11/11/2015 9:19 PM | Anonymous

    Kym Herrmann is a Nutritional Consultant (NC), Certified Micronutrient Specialist (CMS), and 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach. She and her husband just celebrated 25 years together and have raised three children, the youngest of whom just entered college. Her family is her crown and she is so blessed by her husband and kids.

    Why did you select the business you are in?  

    Being a nutritional consultant is a natural fit for me because I have always been passionate about nutrition. I’m truly what one would call a nutrition nerd. 

    What do you like most about what you do?  

    I love seeing lives transformed as people take control of their health.  Optimal nutrition is more than simply weight loss; it can also improve symptoms of diabetes, depression, hormone imbalance, mental clarity, and autoimmune disorders. Proper nutrition is also critical in maximizing athletic performance.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member?  

    I joined WOW because I was impressed by the quality of the women who were members.  Being surrounded by women who are continually moving forward is energizing and motivating.  I love the friendships that I have built, the sense of community, and women empowering each other.  

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you?  

    Changing habits is not easy. My ideal client would be anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and is willing to put forth the effort.

    What do you like to do for fun?  

    Crazy as it sounds, I like to run. Far. It is amazing to me how many world problems I’ve solved and books I’ve written while on a long run. I’ve ran six marathons and more half-marathons than I can count.  

    What are five things you cannot live without?  

    My family, my faith, my computer, sex… and perhaps Brussels sprouts!

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?

    I love going to Maui with my husband.  Our last trip there, we discovered a wonderful organic farm with amazing fresh fruit.  Waking up in the morning to go snorkeling, the warm ocean water, and evening breeze was magical and romantic.  

    CONTACT: Kym Herrmann, Nutritional Consultant

    Mobile: 503-560-2198

    Email: mycoachkym@gmail.com

  • 10/12/2015 12:52 PM | Anonymous

    Sue Baird has a double degree in Business and Food Service from Northwest Nazarene University. She has been doing bookkeeping since she was 12 years old, as her mother took her into her office and taught her everything she knows! Sue’s mom worked as a bookkeeper here in Newberg from 1965 – 1989 for Newberg Realty, Bill Page Constr., Ron Willcuts, and Mike’s Pharmacy until she retired. She taught Sue the old “full charge manual” bookkeeping methods and Sue can still read them and use them to this day, if need be.

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    I was a Food Service Manager and District Manager for several years until I decided to return to the Northwest to be near my family and decided to return to my love of numbers. As my mom said “Do what you know how to do so well”.

    What do you like most about what you do?

    I love to help people, solve mysteries/problems (be a Sherlock Holmes).

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

    I joined WOW for the social interaction, the opportunity to help spread the word about my business and to get to know more about other businesses in the area. I couldn’t think of a better way to do that and a better organization to be a member of.

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 

    An ideal client would be a winery, wine maker, farmer or construction. Those are some of my specialties that I focus on as I have had over 22 years in construction and several years in the agriculture area.

    What do you like to do for fun? 

    I love to go camping when I can get away.

    What are five things you cannot live without?

    • My dachshund

    • My family

    • My iPhone

    • My friends

    • My work

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?

    I don’t have a favorite place to vacation, but I do like the beach, Yuma, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

    Sue Baird- Sue B's Bookkeeping Service
    Phone: 503-504-4300
    Email: suebsbkkp@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.suebsbookkeeping.com

  • 09/01/2015 5:41 AM | Anonymous

    Jorji Jett grew up in Beaverton and has lived in Oregon all her life.  From the age of 8 years old her best friends were her horses. She has enjoyed many years of trail-riding, barrel racing and other equestrian activities.  She graduated from Sunset High School and went directly to work at Xerox Corporation. There she remained for almost 30 years as a Marketing Executive.  In the first 20 years she had great experiences and learned incredible skills from the trainings they provided that she would not have received from a college degree.  It also allowed her to meet incredible people along the way!

    In the midst of a thriving career with Xerox her life was altered with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  This diagnosis led her down a road of learning to thrive one decision at a time, as she was spending almost 70% of her day in bed and on a number of pharmaceuticals.  

    Jorji is a very proud single mom of two adult children!  Her daughter, Morgan, is a nursing and biology major at George Fox University and has a huge heart for children. She has been all over the globe on various mission trips already.  Her son, Chase, 34, lives in Lake Oswego and just got married this past year to her beautiful daughter-in-law, Lisa!  She feels truly blessed!

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    I was introduced to Market America over 18 years ago, which is the parent company of the business I have.  A neighbor, who knew how much I was struggling with her MS, introduced her to a very powerful antioxidant, Isotonic OPC3.  I was skeptical, to say the least, but after several months I became symptom and prescription-free, and this began my journey to help others as I was helped.  I began to also learn the importance of food choices, daily exercise and proper nutritional supplements.

    With our company, four years ago I became a Certified Corporate TLS Weight Loss Trainer and Coach.  TLS is a lifestyle system customized individually to give results for a lifetime by helping you reach your optimal weight and health goals.  I personally have lost 36 pounds and over 20 inches.  I get VERY excited about helping others feel great about themselves, when in many cases, they may have given up.

    What do you like most about what you do?  

    The hope it gives to people and to see them start believing in themselves again!  This is a journey I have had to take, so they are able to go down a road of learning with someone who has walked in their shoes.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member?

    My dear friend, Karen Barnhart, knew that I was looking to connect with other women who were inspiring and had an idea of where they wanted to go, but have fun along the way.... and boy, was she right with the ladies of WOW!!!!!  I love the friendships I have already made and the ones yet to make!  Every time we have an event I am blessed by associating with powerful women who give me encouragement as a business owner and I always walk away with golden nuggets that inspire me with ideas.  And needless to say, I am becoming much more knowledgeable in my selections of good food and wine!!!!

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you?  

    A good potential client for me is someone looking to learn about living a healthy lifestyle, or improving a lifestyle that has gotten slightly off track.  They may have a health challenge that by making a few changes about what they put, or don't put into their bodies can affect their health, their energy, and also their weight. 

    What do you like to do for fun?  

    I love the outdoors, gardening and getting in long walks with my faithful four-legged friend, Diesel.  I love to golf at various courses all over the state, and hanging out having coffee or wine with friends.  One of the biggest things I want back in my life that brings me huge joy- horses!!  That is definitely on my dream board!!

    What are five things you cannot live without?  

    WOW, that makes you think!  The top five things that I cannot live without would be my relationship with God, my relationship with family (kids, mom and brothers), friendships I have, the feeling that I am making a difference in other people's lives and that I am fulfilling my purpose for being here.

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?  

    Anywhere the people that I love are!

    CONTACT INFO: Jorji Jett, Certified TLS Trainer and Health Coach 

    Phone: 503.899.8017

    Email: jorjijett@gmail.com

    Website: http://us.healthforafuture.com/jett

  • 08/03/2015 2:38 PM | Anonymous

    Diane Edwards has been in the financial/insurance industry since 1989, either in corporate management positions or working directly with clients on a one-on-one basis.  She currently holds seven securities licenses and is both Life and Health licensed. In her various roles she has had the privilege of assisting other Wealth Advisors build strong successful teams, as well as creating and developing extensive training programs that were incorporated nationwide within the global financial firm in which she worked. Diane and her family are Virginia born-and-raised and they moved to the lovely Pacific NW in 1995.  They have not looked back once!

    In addition, Diane and her entire immediate family is in the world of finance- either as Wealth Advisors, Compliance Officer or as an Office Administrator/Assistant- a true family passion and profession they are proud of.

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    I feel that everyone needs a sound financial plan and being a “teacher at heart” I was able to blend both my passions together effortlessly. I believe the old adage “People don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan” and I take my role seriously in helping our clients to plan for their best retirement years.

    What do you like most about what you do?

    Working together closely with our clients in “vision casting” as we identify their future dreams, build a personalized road map for the long journey, and hopefully help them to complete several of their “bucket list” items while they are young enough to enjoy them.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

    I was introduced to WOW by a current member and after attending an event and seeing the camaraderie of the women, I was excited to join and establish new friendships.  Newberg is a lovely community that is truly “others-centered” and I found this group sincere- and just plain fun! My prior work schedule was very hectic, which did not afford me time to establish deep friendships, but WOW has given me a new start and new friends.

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 

    As a firm, my partner and I work with both local business owners as well as individuals; but I personally enjoy partnering with professional women to educate and address financial matters. Clients with investible assets of $100k+ find our services most advantageous, as we are better positioned to implement most of the life planning/goals processes.

    What do you like to do for fun? 

    I am a verocious reader and love working in my yard.  But at the top of the list is spending time with my married daughters and our precious grandson.

    What are five things you cannot live without? 

    Other than my family and church family it would be my books, my music and my blow dryer!

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?

    It would be a toss-up between France and Italy.  I hope to go again soon!

    CONTACT INFO: Diane Edwards, Wealth Manager

    Phone: 503-537-2995, ext. 2 

    Toll Free: 866-699-9843

    Email: diane@eafsi.com

    Website: www.eafsi.com

    Location: 3306 Solstice Ln. Newberg, OR 97132


  • 07/01/2015 1:15 PM | Anonymous

    After 10.5 years working for the same company in Higher Education as a Senior Manager, it was time to take the challenge and create something from the ground up! Tiffany has always had a passion for business and the burning desire to be an entrepreneur. So, she and her husband, Alain, took the leap and found this beautiful space in downtown Newberg- and it worked with what we wanted to create. All of our favorite things in one place!

    They moved to the Newberg/Dundee area about 2 years ago from Northwest Portland, and have been in Oregon since 2001. They would find themselves out at the wineries often on the weekends taking in the breathtaking views! Tiffany grew up on a farm in Wyoming, so moving out to a country area takes her back to her roots. They have a 4½ year old son, Matteo, who loves being outdoors and playing in the dirt- so it was a perfect harmony! They couldn’t be happier to be out here and love the opportunity that lies ahead for upcoming business in the area.

    Why did you select the business you are in? 

    Alain and I are self-proclaimed foodies! We love wine and good things at a reasonable price. There wasn’t a specialty shop in the area that encompassed all of these fun things! Similar to an “Old World Market” in Europe we wanted to create a space that people are able to come to and feel like home! The food scene out in this area is still up and coming to keep up with the wine scene, so the specialty shop was the first adventure to help with this need. The second is our food truck called Artisan Peacock, focused on serving delicious wine centric food to the wineries on the weekends or during special events and then also serving the community at Tunes on Tuesday, Farmer’s Market and the Lavender Festival! Another project we are working on is starting a preschool on our property this Fall. It’s called the Good Life Preschool and focuses on local, organic learning. We will serve local and organic food, have enrichment programs such as yoga, music, cooking classes and theatre for the kids. The children will also be able to enjoy garden beds and an amazing indoor and outdoor space to learn and play!  

    What do you like most about what you do?

    The ability to create something from the ground up and interact with locals and tourists is a blast! I love to see people’s reaction when they come into our store and realize that you are the owner. 

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 

    I have heard so many great things about WOW from some of my favorite women in the area! I am excited about sharing best practices with other like-minded individuals! It seems like a great support network! 

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 

    Our customers are usually the 30+ that love good food, wine, local and European imports. 

    What do you like to do for fun? 

    Do we really have time for extra fun while starting 3 businesses?:) I love to be outdoors, run, explore all the great food and wine that we have in Oregon! I also love doing hikes with my son or exploring outside! 

    What are five things you cannot live without? Good food, wine, chocolate, running and all of the above again:) 

    Where is your favorite place to vacation? Europe and Hawaii although I haven’t been to either for about 5+ years:) 


    Tiff Darwich, Co-Owner of Market Barrel 

    Cell: 503.467.6565

    Email: tiff@marketbarrel.com 

    Website: https://www.marketbarrel.com

  • 05/06/2015 10:03 AM | Anonymous

    Leah Olsen has worn numerous hats.   Depending on who you ask, some know her as a teacher of biology, biochemistry, physiology- or even teaching English abroad. Others know her as a scientist working at University of Oregon and OHSU creating new proteins by splicing genes, making fish glow, increasing focus in rats and dancing around her lab bench at odd hours, swinging her pipette wildly into the night. Still others may know her   from medical school in a leadership role creating an online sharing of resources with colleagues, based on a philosophy that all can be better together to potentize successes, happiness, and fulfillment in this life. Leah has 5 siblings- all very different and creative. She says, "We're all nuts! It is quite the scene when we get together to dance to something like They Might Be Giants.

    Why did you select the business you are in?  It's a perfect blend of science, nature, heart and connection. 

    What do you like most about what you do?  Miracles. I really like the immediate gratification of someone getting out of a wheelchair, reversing diabetes, being able to think straight and sleep for the first time when they've tried everything else. I like to be a part of that process and I see myself as the facilitator/guide. I tried magic, but I ended up with too many rabbits.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member?  I love that we can connect and be a part of something bigger together as women!  We are the powerful nurturers that the world is crying out for - no one can do things the way we do them and how amazing it feels to be in a group that has fun, networks and supports each other in a creative atmosphere.  

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you?  You know, with multiple practitioners and a shot gun of focus ranging from fertility (Have a wedding to attend? I recommend Baby in a Box Pregnancy prep as a gift), and sexual health to sleep restoration and brain function. Our patients care about their health & want to live long full lives. The body must know what to do to heal itself- so long as we support it; we'd have been toast a long time ago if it didn't!

    What do you like to do for fun?  Play with my kiddos, which usually involves making a large mess, writing novels, rock climbing, nature hikes, running with my Newfoundland dog- which is hilarious as his monstrous, uncoordinated paws bound across my path. 

    What are five things you cannot live without?  Excluding food and water: chocolate, nature hikes, cute boxes and baskets, animals... of all kinds- in excess, and of course, my computer (lets be rational, here)

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?  Secret places with large rocks, water and serenity.

    Leah Olsen, ND 
    The Clover Clinic
    1530 E. 1st St. Newberg, OR 97132
    Website: http://www.thecloverclinic.com

  • 04/03/2015 5:30 PM | Jeanne Biggerstaff (Administrator)

     After working some crazy, odd jobs to put herself  through college, Karen Aquinas worked in Oregon  public schools for twenty-one years as a teacher  and administrator. Much of her work was with  students for whom the public school system was  not a good fit. It turned out to be an excellent  background for her work as an energist today. 

     Karen began studying energy psychology about six  years ago. Natural abilities and an insatiable fascination with the human biofield led her to trainings and certifications in various energy techniques. After cutbacks in education in 2010, she started her Biofield Health business. 

    Her background affords her the ability to offer a uniquely balanced and broad approach to energy wellness. She sees it as an honor and a pleasure to work with those she serves. Karen and her daughter enjoy being part of the Yamhill Valley community; partaking in local celebrations, concerts, farmers’ markets and the like. They moved to McMinnville from Klamath Falls in 2005. 

    What do you like most about what you do?
    I am humbled and motivated by the transformations I witness. When it comes down to the actual service I provide, I am more a facilitator than anything else; I love that my clients can take ownership of the remarkable changes that occur. Individuals have let go of and moved past debilitating beliefs, stress and painful events to living lives of joy. I’m honored to be part of the process.

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member? 
    I joined WOW to meet other women in the area and to share my work. It’s been great to experience the energy of success and determination within the group. 

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you? 
    Ideal candidates for me are women and teens who are 'stressed out', experience anxiety, are frustrated or unhappy, and want to step into happier, more positive lives. Individuals who have Post Traumatic Stress are also ideal candidates. People who are curious about energy work and want to move past traumatic experiences will achieve a peace and newfound joy in living they would not have thought possible. (Information for veterans on that topic can be found here: http://stressproject.org

    What do you like to do for fun? 
    I love being outdoors; hiking, kayaking, meandering by rivers. And… (confession) I have a lot of fun playing in orchestras for musicals. Usually, no one can see the musicians, so we get to perform without all the pomp and circumstance; we get to make great music and watch a good show. Fun! 

    What are five things you cannot live without? 

    • music
    • meditation
    • books
    • laughter
    • love ​

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?
    I like to explore places I haven’t been with people I love. 

    Karen Aquinas 
    Biofield Health Coach
    McMinnville, Oregon
    Website: BiofieldHealthCoach.com

  • 03/02/2015 3:13 PM | Jeanne Biggerstaff (Administrator)

    Cindy has been married for 29 years to her fantastic husband Terry and they have two children. Madison is a Sophomore at Oregon State University and Dalton is a Freshman at Newberg High School. In the early 1990’s, Cindy and her family moved from Idaho to the Pacific Northwest to start her Retail Management Career with The San Francisco Music Box Company.  Her first store was at Northgate Mall in Seattle, Washington.  She quickly advanced through the ranks and became a District Manager in 1995 and relocated to Oregon. Her district consisted of 15 stores in 6 states and 30 seasonal stores. In 2004, her career as a district manager ended as the company closed all its stores. Fortunately, Cindy and Terry owned a thriving landscaping business here in Newberg and she was able to transition into an Office Manager/Bookkeeper. She quickly realized that she missed the daily interaction with people and that is when she found the beauty of a Home Based Business! In 2012, she found her true passion with Wildtree!!!  

    What do you like most about what you do?
    There are several things I LOVE about my Wildtree business!!!

    • I LOVE helping people create simple, healthy and delicious meals for their families!!! I help people menu plan and meal plan through our Freezer Meal Workshops! Ten meals at one time in the freezer!!!  Dinner Done!!!
    • I LOVE that Wildtree is an All Natural, Certified Organic Company, with no MSG, GMOs or any preservatives!  It sure makes grocery shopping a lot easier!
    • I LOV E all the people I meet through my business!
    • I LOVE being a part of a team!
    • I LOVE the freedom of having my own business!!  I can work around my families schedule but still make an awesome income!
    • I LOVE how my kids are learning about small business and becoming an entrepreneur!

    Why did you join WOW and what is the most rewarding or valuable aspect of being a WOW member?
    I joined WOW because I wanted to meet other women who had similar interests and introduce them to the “Wildtree” way of life! To me the most valuable and rewarding part of being a WOW member is all the “Friends” I am making and learning about other businesswomen in the area.

    Who could be an ideal potential client for you?
    Anyone who Eats!!!

    What do you like to do for fun?
    I love going to the beach and spending time with my family. We like to explore new places and try new restaurants!

    What are five things you cannot live without?

    1. Family – Including our 3 dogs!
    2. Friends
    3. Meeting new and interesting people
    4. Coffee
    5. My favorite sweatshirt (My husband would like to burn it!) and a good book!

    Where is your favorite place to vacation?
    Anywhere with a beach and the sun!!!  I love Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico!

    Cindy Paskett, Team Leader
    Wildtree All Natural Cooking/Baking Products

    Email: cpaskett@onlinenw.com

    Phone: 503-969-8268

    Website: http://www.mywildtree.com/CINDYPASKETT/

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